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Protect your business entity with the appropriate amount and type of insurance. Your insurance needs to cover potential liabilities that are present for your type of business, and it is critical to select an agent that understands your field. The three basic plans include-general liability, workers compensation (if your business has three or more employees), and renters insurance. Review your policies and make necessary changes on an annual basis.

Check out Staunton’s Supply Chain Resource Directory (media to upload) for a listing of local agents, and for additional information on how to address other legal aspects of your business.

Alcoholic Beverage License

The ABC Exercises control over the importation and sale of alcoholic beverages. The ABS issues licenses for the manufacture, wholesale and retailing of spirits, wine and beer. For more information contact

If applicable, establish yourself as a vendor for the Federal and state government.

Federal process:

State process (eVA how-to guide and tutorial video)